New Vision’s Top 3 Eye Care Tips


As we all know, humans are born with five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Each of these senses have their own key roles to play in allowing us to perceive and understand the world around us. So it goes without saying that taking care of yourself properly is important. How we live and what we do are key factors in how these senses function. To put it simply, someone who’s invested in taking care of themselves would fare better than someone who doesn’t. At New Vision Eye Center, we’re all about preserving the sanctity of sight as much as possible, whether it’s through LASIK treatment in Dubai, or just an eyeglass prescription.

Frankly, it’s alarming to see just how many people aren’t aware of or simply don’t seem to care very much about proper eye care. Unfortunately, in around 90% of the cases we see, we realise that things could have had a very different outcome, had they been more cautious. So we thought it best to share some of our tips to help turn the situation around.

FOCUS ON GETTING REGULAR CHECKUPS: We’re very enthusiastic when it comes to changing up a hairstyle, changing a hair colour or whitening our teeth. Yet, we’re not at all committed to making sure our eyes are healthy. The reason as to why, is something that genuinely baffles us. If one is going to be so committed to everything else, it only makes sense to be as, if not more vigilant about their eyesight. Which is why we encourage you to slot in regular checkups into your calendar. Without them, you’d not know if you need LASIK eye surgery in Dubai or not. It’s the best way to keep track of your eye health.

LIVE WELL: Aside from being incredibly beneficial to good eyesight, living well is obviously just good for you overall. You need to sustain your body, and promote health so that you can live a better life in turn. Though this doesn’t guarantee a disease-free life, it certainly allows you to live a more conscious one. We recommend plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, fish and other foods that help maintain optimal eye health. In fact, we advise all our patients who are fresh out of LASIK in Dubai to pay particular attention to their diet so they can recover well.

DON’T COMPROMISE ON QUALITY: When it comes to getting eye treatments, checkups and anything related to your eyes, make sure you don’t compromise on quality. We’ve seen far too many patients who’ve come to us with already botched treatments, and it’s often impossible to reverse them. As far as quality is concerned, New Vision has a potent combination of the latest equipment and highly skilled doctors. This ensures that our treatments are some of the finest in Dubai, not to mention the most reliable too. We aren’t only committed to treating the problem at hand, but we also make it a point to keep following up on our patients, particularly those who’ve been treated for LASIK treatment in Dubai and other surgeries.

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