Prevalent Conditions That Could Indicate The Need For A Cataract Surgery

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A lot of times many people have a sense of reluctance and fear towards any eye surgery. They tend to refuse from undergoing any kind of surgery that can affect their eyes. However, if we will continue with negligence, the health condition is only going to worsen.

In today’s times, cataract has become a common medical condition that is often operated with an optimum equipment. Moreover, numerous symptoms are displayed before the doctor to identify the condition. If you think you could be suffering from a cataract, nothing to worry as this blog post will widely describe the symptoms that could indicate the need for a cataract surgery.

Before the symptoms are listed, it is necessary to briefly explain what a cataract is and what are its causes. Cataract is a medical condition that generally occurs among the elderly due to repeated uses of lenses. If the required actions are not taken, this can result in a clouded vision that could impact the eyes on a permanent basis.

Other causes include constant sun exposure without an eye protection, high blood and sugar level, smoking, high exposure towards radiation and usage of steroid medications. However, most of the times, doctors explain that age is one of the major causes of the condition.

In the initial stages, you might have slight problems with vision as it might appear cloudy and dazed. However, this effect increases over time and if the required medication and surgery is not done, it could lead to permanent impairment. With different types of cataract, people undergo different symptoms whose effects only increase in time.

As the condition advances, the vision will become less bright with an additional tinge of brown of orange light. Furthermore, you might find it extremely difficult to have a clear vision at night, especially while driving. Recent studies have shown that car accidents have increased by 13% because of cataract.

As this condition prolongs, people tend to visualise a diffraction in a light which blurs their vision and loss of concentration on activities that require a visual need. At times, people tend to frequently change their glasses with a higher prescription. If you are one of them, it would be advisable to consult an eye specialist as this is one of the main symptoms of cataract.

If the condition worsens, the vision gets so weak that sometimes the eye will observe two or more images of the same object. This could be very challenging for the person as he might not be able to view objects properly. This symptom is commonly known as diplopia which is a distinctive condition in cataracts.

Our eye specialists in New Vision Eye Centre ensure to take several tests before confirming the need for a surgery. This eye clinic in Dubai takes numerous precautions, both during and after the surgery, as we believe in ensuring safety for our patients. We also offer Lasik eye surgery, if deemed as necessary. Book an appointment with us to know more about our services.


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