Reasons To Not Fear Cataract Surgery


Cloudy and Opaque are not words that we would want to use to describe our eyes with. But unfortunately we all grow old and we may face situations of blurred, distorted or reduced vision and difficulties with a glare. The good news is that the lens of your eyes could be cleared away through cataract surgery. Unlike other eye-related conditions that limit vision, a solution on the surface such as glasses or contact lenses are not remedies. Therefore surgery must be performed to allow light rays to reach your retina and bring back vision to help you go about your daily life with ease and comfort.

Most cataracts associated with aging develop slowly, and many patients may not notice visual loss until it is fairly advanced. It is not imperative to have surgery to remove a cataract until it begins to affect vision. Your doctor will be able to tell you how much of your vision loss is due to cataracts and the quantity of recovery of vision that may be expected with surgery. If your visual loss is solely due to the presence of a cataract, vision should be fully restored with successful cataract surgery.

One of the main reasons that people fear about cataract surgery is that they do not know what it is all about. Therefore read up about cataracts, know the process and then be a pro in cataract surgery before you actually face it!

Patients can be suffering from more than one eye problem. In such situations, the mode of surgery can be tailored to individuals based on coexisting medical problems. Moreover, cataract surgery is generally performed with minimal sedation and typically takes less than 30 minutes. Therefore you need not be anxious and worried that this will be a massive surgery.

While cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures available with a high rate of success, rare complications such as infection or bleeding can arise. Your doctor will discuss with you the potential complications of the procedures that are unique to your eye before you sign a consent form. The most common difficulties arising after surgery are persistent inflammation, changes in eye pressure, infection, or swelling of the retina at the back of the eye. Although complications can be rare, proper use of prescribed eye drops and frequent visits to the eye clinic in Dubai will keep you in the safe zone.

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