Smart Super Vision Laser: Extensive Procedure For An Improved Vision

New Vision Eye Center,

A refractive error is one of the most common eye disorders where the eye cannot focus and the images. The problem occurs when the eye is unable to bend and focus light appropriately onto the retina (colored part of the eye). Glasses and contact lenses are used to fix the errors caused by these structural deformations. However, the solutions will not offer you a permanent solution, and you will still require to change the prescriptions regularly along with the changes in the vision. As a solution to this, Laser treatment methods have been introduced into the optics industry, benefiting the users with a permanent solution. This article will delve into the smart supervision laser treatment discussing the extensive procedure that benefits for an improved vision.

Common Refractive Errors

Refractive errors occur with the problem of focusing the light due to the abnormal shape and texture of your eyes. The most common symptoms of the eye issue are involved with blurred vision, eye strain, headache, and fatigue. 

Family history, eye strain from overworking, surgeries, injuries and trauma, medical conditions like diabetes, and abnormality in the cornea (front part of the eye) are considered as the risk factors for refractive errors with a higher risk of acquiring the condition. The most common types include;

  •  Myopia – Nearsightedness making far objects looking blurred
  •  Astigmatism –inability to see both distant and closer objects clearly
  •  Hyperopia – farsightedness or problems seeing in closer objects
  •  Presbyopia – The lens cannot move and is not able to bring nearby objects into focus
  •  Esotropia- Crossed-eye situation where the eyes do not align accordingly.
  •  Anisometropia- Causes with different bending powers in the eye

Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment

Unlike the conservative treatments of eye corrections that involve blades, Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment is performed using a 100% bladeless method using the PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) technology.

Following a comprehensive eye examination before the treatment, you will be prepared to undergo the non-invasive smart supervision treatment. Your ophthalmologist will provide you with anesthesia to prevent discomfort during the process.

During PRK, The corneal surface cells will be removed, and the laser is used to reshape the cornea correcting the type of refractive error you have encountered. The correction usually takes less than 60 seconds, and a temporary contact lens will be placed afterward to reduce irritation during the healing process.

The simple method of PRK is recommended for patients with thin corneas as it disrupts its tissues comparative to the traditional LASIK treatments. The treatment also benefits patients to engage in daily tasks without having the need to wear glasses or contacts.

Regular visits to the eye clinic will help prevent worsening the conditions of eyes and refractive errors. The early diagnosis will help perform a successful refractive errors treatment method like a smart supervision laser that benefits you with an improved vision. If you are looking for a permanent vision correction, visit New Vision Eye Center to obtain eye treatments with the latest technology. Contact us or visit us for your next eye appointment.

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