The 3 New Vision Insights On Eye Health


There are few things in this life that is as precious as good health. Which is why, you need to make every possible effort to live well. Whether this is through a conscious diet, consistent exercise or feeding your mind with positive energy or a combination of everything, it doesn’t matter. It’s quite easy to be swept up in the bad habits of the world and forget about what’s good for us. Sadly, something we’ve noticed with regards to eye health as of late.

At New Vision, we don’t just offer treatments like LASIK or cataract surgeries and call it a day. We are genuinely invested in the well-being of our community here in Dubai and we do that by equipping our patients with the proper tools to help them live lives that are more conducive to eye health.

On that note, we thought of sharing some of our top tips with you, which we sincerely hope you take on board.

GET TESTED: Actually, if you think about it, testing for health issues is encouraged across a wide range of medical disciplines. Be it for breast cancer screening, pap smears, blood tests and full health checkups, it’s the only way to know whether there’s something wrong with you, or if it’s just a figment of your imagination. Where eye health is concerned, we can’t stress the importance of eye testing enough. We’d be able to identify many potentially debilitating conditions early on, giving us an edge over it ultimately.

TAKE WORK BREAKS: We understand that the word ‘break’ is probably not something that’s synonymous at work anymore, but be firm on this. Standing up and stretching is good for overall health, but if you can’t really do that at your desk, then look up from your screen every so often. There’s no point investing in LASIK treatment , if you’re not going to change your habits. Placing excessive strain on your eyes is probably not something you do consciously, but by paying attention to these habits will help you steer in a different and better direction. Follow the 20-20-20 rule; every 20 minutes, look at an object 20ft away for 20 seconds.

GET OFF YOUR DEVICES: Again, this might seem like an impossible task what with our addiction to social media and mindless web surfing, but you need to put away your electronics. They emit an artificial light that’s incredibly bad for your eyes, especially when it’s prolonged exposure. Try to remember the age of pre-mobiles if you want some help getting along! Maybe sit in your garden or at the park and take a moment to just be. We guarantee this will not only reduce strain on your eyes, but will be less strenuous on your boy overall. This is one of our primary pieces of advice to all patients who’ve had LASIK eye surgery. Get off your devices and take a moment to breathe.

We’re of course more than happy to suggest more tips encouraging eye health at our consultations, just book yourself in for a friendly chat.

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