Time To Get Rid Of Your Cataracts: Cataract Surgery

cataract surgery

As you age, a lot of drastic changes happen to your body. And one of the most common issues that people face is deteriorating eyesight. Your vision tends to deteriorate as you age and often end up being partially blind in many cases. Your eyes need care and proper treatment especially when you age to avoid issues and minor accidents in your daily routine.

A cataract is usually encountered among the old age and this can be treated with cataract surgery to acquire a clearer vision. Here are some of the common symptoms of cataracts:

  • When a person suffers from cataracts one of the main symptoms they acquire is having a cloudy vision which makes it unable to see properly or clearly.
  • The person will also experience a blurred or yellow vision which may cause problems in looking at farther objects.
  • Another symptom is having a double vision which gives rise to accidents and problems in their daily life making it hard to read/ write or even work on a computer.
  • People with advanced cataracts have a hard time driving as they will have poor night vision making it really difficult to concentrate on the road. 
  • Cataracts can also make one’s eyes very sensitive to glare from the sun and they might end up seeing a halo around the bright light.
  • Cataracts will also stop some from being outdoors more than usual. It also makes it harder for one to engage in sports and outdoor games etc.

Cataract surgery is highly recommended by our eye specialist if the above-mentioned symptoms become severe leading to cataracts. Although some of these symptoms would not require immediate surgery, it would be better if you visit an eye clinic in Dubai to get your eyes checked if it needs cataract surgery. 

Before you go ahead with the surgery, get your eyes clearly checked by your eye doctor. They will conduct an eye examination in order to see if you’re the right victim and if you’re free of any eye diseases. This will make the surgery smooth and hence free of risks. Prior to the surgery, there will be a few necessary instructions which will be given by our eye doctor in order to avoid risks. Before the surgery, in order to avoid any interference with the cataract surgery, our eye doctor may ask you to stop taking certain medications. You will also be asked not to eat or drink anything at least 12 hours prior to the surgery. 

With the help of cataract surgery, the vision tends to improve drastically within a few days. Although it may be a little blurry during the first few days as your eyes adjust and heals, it’ll get better day by day. There will also be a lot of improvement in your vision when you look at things, as the colours may seem brighter after your surgery because you are looking through a new, clear lens. 

Cataract surgery can bring about a lot of differences when it comes to healing your eyes in a better way by giving it a better vision.

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