Tired Of Wearing Glasses? Try Out Ultra LASIK Treatment

ultra lasik Dubai

Ultra LASIK treatment is one of the best ways to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. With this revolutionary treatment, you can easily replace your glasses. It is the preferred method for vision correction and uses the latest technology to correct refractive errors. 

The quality of your vision depends on the shape of the eye. There is a lack of focus when there is a difference in the eye’s curvature. This error can be rectified with corrective measures or glasses and contact lenses. The Ultra LASIK treatment can correct these errors with ease and precision. The Ultra LASIK surgery helps correct refractive errors to the closest micrometer by removing the thin layers of cells from the cornea’s surface. 

What Is Ultra LASIK?

Ultra LASIK is a corrective eye surgery that aims to correct refractive errors. The treatment procedure offers a high level of precision and safety. It is the latest laser treatment and also has the shortest recovery time. In the Ultra LASIK surgery, a blade is used to lift the eye’s surface, and the laser is applied to the underlying area of the cornea. 

The Ultra LASIK uses a Wavefront device to create an ultra-thin corneal flap instead of the conventional microkeratome, which can cause several complications. The device has a high-speed pulse and allows the high pulse to find and create the ideal flap location. 

When the laser is passed beyond the flap, the cornea is reshaped into a perfect curve. This corrects the refractive error immediately and effectively. After the corneal flap is formed and the refractive error is corrected, the flap is put back into place. This helps to create a self-bandage, which promotes healing and prevents other complications.

Advantages of Ultra Lasik

  • The treatment process uses precise techniques and is ultra-safe. 
  • There is a decreased risk of cutting of the corneal flap.
  • There are lesser complications in comparison to traditional laser eye surgeries. 
  • There is a decreased risk of corneal inflammation and infection. 
  • Ultra LASIK offers quicker results and lesser time for recovery.
  • There are excellent visual outcomes, as the procedure corrects all the errors accurately and effectively. 
  • The aftercare is simpler, and the vision stabilizes quickly in comparison to other traditional corrective eye surgeries. 
  • There is only minimal discomfort and eye dryness. 
  • Ultra LASIK can correct higher refractive errors. 
  • The procedure offers up to 96% visual correction.
  • There is minimal pain during and after the surgery. 
  • Ultra LASIK does not involve bandages or stitches as the process is self-healing.
  • Ultra LASIK eliminates the need for glasses and contact lenses. 
  • The ophthalmologist can also offer re-correction if needed. 

Who Is Eligible For Ultra LASIK?

Ultra LASIK is the ideal option for those who suffer from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism. Potential patients have to be at least 18 years old. You need to have good ocular health, and the refractive error should have been stable for the past 6 to 12 months. The refractive error prescriptions should also be between the range of -12 to +6 diopters, which is the unit of measurement of the optical power. 

Contact our team to book an initial consultation and free yourself from your glasses. We offer a range of treatment options like LASIK, Supra LASIK, and Ultra LASIK.

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