Why New Vision Eye Center Is Best for Lasik

Lasik treatment dubai

Today’s consumers are incredibly critical and discerning. This is mostly due to the vast amounts of and enhanced exposure to a variety of information that is made so easily accessible via the Internet. Hence, when it comes to scouting out a product or service, you obviously want to ensure that you are indeed, getting every bit of value for your hard-earned money. Particularly if said value equates to quite a lot of money in terms of cost. Whether you are on the lookout for a new phone, laptop, car, a pair of shoes or even just a pair of headphones, at the end of the day we are all seeking the best.

Why should this be any different when it concerns LASIK in Dubai? Well because in fact, where health is concerned, we need to be far more analytical and fastidious.

On that note, it would be well worth it to get to know why we, New Vision Eye Center are primarily sought out for eye care needs in Dubai; especially where intricate procedures such as LASIK are concerned.


New Vision Eye Center is run under the patronage of Dr. Safwan Al-Bayati who is himself, a highly experienced and skillful eye specialist. Having begun his journey in 1998, he has now accumulated almost 2 decades of specialised practice, which makes him a formidable figure in the industry. Furthermore, he makes it a point to continuously and consistently attend a multitude of conferences centred on eye health. This allows him to actively communicate the current situation in Dubai along with any developments necessary, and of course to bring back a wealth of knowledge on new technological breakthroughs, how to acquire them and the implementation of novel and cutting-edge techniques within the clinic which is integral to the progress of LASIK eye surgery in Dubai.


Dubai being the diverse metropolis it is, it goes without saying that multicultural services are most welcome. Language barriers and cultural barriers can often hinder your needs, which in a health spectrum can be incredibly problematic. Fortunately, we not only have an army of doctors that is comprised of some of the most highly skilled and talented individuals, but also one that is multi-ethnic. This is extremely beneficial, since patients from various backgrounds are able to seek the treatment they need with minimal hassle. Remember, it is especially important to feel as comfortable as possible when looking into delicate surgeries such as LASIK treatment in Dubai.


One thing we can confidently say that really makes us stand out, is the wide range of services we have on offer. From retinal treatments to keratoconus treatments, cataract extraction, ULTRA LASIK treatment and refractive error treatments, we have covered a lot of ground. Hence, it should come as a comfort that some of the most important remedies to some of the world’s most serious eye problems are offered safely and efficiently under one roof. Not only is New Vision Eye Center Dubai a notable clinic for booking appointments for LASIK in Dubai, it is quite suitable for other requirements too.

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