Your 3-Step Guide To Recovering From Cataract Surgery


One of the most common types of eye conditions out there aside from refractive errors, is cataract. More than a few people we know have been affected by it, which is testimony to this fact. Problem is, once a cataract begins to creep in, there really isn’t much you can do other than have it tended to through surgery. There are also different types of cataracts, so just because your aunt might have it, it won’t always be the same as someone else’s. Clear identification of the kind of cataract in question is important before treatment can begin.


Along with surgeries like LASIK in dubai, at New Vision we also have a surgical option for cataract known as phacoemulsification. This is one of the more advanced forms of cataract surgery that gets the job done effectively, by breaking up the cataract so it can be removed more easily. Which is all well and good when you just hear about it; it’s a whole other story when you’re wondering what to expect and how recovery will go.


Here, we’ve put together some basic steps to help you heal with minimal, and hopefully no complications.


USE YOUR EYE DROPS: Seeing as how the surgery is a rather invasive one much like LASIK treatment in dubai is, it’s quite understandable and in fact rather normal for you to experience dry eyes or itchiness. Obviously, you shouldn’t even think of scratching your eyes whatsoever, though we do understand it’s hard. However, there is a bit of relief in the eye drops your doctor probably prescribed you. As your eye heals, these sensations will reduce. Until then you’ll need to actually use the drops, not leave it on your cupboard. This also helps keep any inflammation at bay.


DON’T LEAVE THE CLINIC IMMEDIATELY: Of course this bit of information will be given to you at your consultation and before your surgery as well, but still it’d do you good to remember it. Though the surgery itself takes just around 10-15 minutes depending on the severity of your cataract, you should stay back for upto one hour at the clinic. You should also ideally have asked a friend or family member to come pick you up or have someone at least accompany you in the cab so you are sure of getting home safely. Your vision will be blurry especially right after surgery, so travelling alone is a big no.


REST AND SLEEP: Here’s your free pass to sleep as much and as long as you want, though it’s not exactly in the most ideal of circumstances. Sleep is after all the body’s natural medication, and resting as much as you can especially on the first day, is highly beneficial for speeding up the recovery process. Whether you’ve just had LASIK eye surgery in dubai or phacoemulsification, it doesn’t matter. Sleep is pretty much the answer for all ailments and health issues. Don’t feel guilty about it, you must do it. It’s necessary for your body. Make sure you wear your protective shield until your doctor says you no longer need it, to avoid accidentally scratching your eye in your sleep.

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