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    Bladeless and Flapless procedure for clearer vision

    Refractive correction without a flap

    SmartSight is an up-to-date femtosecond eye laser procedure with micro cut technology for the correction of myopia and astigmatism. A lenticule is formed in the intrastromal tissue of the cornea, and then removed through a small incision.

    This precise and gentle treatment method uses no corneal flap, and there is no laser ablation like there is with excimer lasers.

    Sophisticated eye tracking

    The SCHWIND ATOS has a sophisticated eye tracking system. Its pupil recognition and cyclotorsion compensation provide precise centring of the patient’s eye along the visual axis. The centring options and cyclotorsion compensation make it possible to treat vision deficiencies more effectively, especially astigmatism. The centring can be performed easily. A monitor directly in the surgeon’s field of vision provides additional convenience.

    SCHWIND ATOS® – more knowledge from experience

    The SCHWIND ATOS is a logical consequence of SCHWIND’s comprehensive expertise in technologies for smooth corneal surfaces. With a pulse rate of up to four megahertz, sophisticated pulse characteristics and refined positioning algorithms, this femtosecond laser features very short treatment and incision times. 

    The improved lenticular geometry is not limited by a minimum thickness, and is tissue-saving. Furthermore, lenticules and flaps made with the SCHWIND ATOS exhibit a homogenous surface. As a result, lenticule extraction is simple. In FemtoLASIK, it makes it easy to lift the flap created with SCHWIND ATOS.

    Innovative patient interface

    The curved patient interface geometry gives an excellent fit with the eye. It has improved suction and is ready for use in just two steps. The innovative design with integral filter function eliminates the need for additional tubes and filters, and ensures optimum contact of the eye with the laser system. The shape follows the corneal limbus, and substantially reduces pressure on the eye during the contacting process. Active suction lasts only a little longer than the incision procedure itself. 

    The SCHWIND ATOS uses the same patient interface for lenticule extraction with SmartSight and for making precise flaps in FemtoLASIK, giving it high flexibility. It all adds up to safety and comfort for the patient, and an efficient workflow for the surgeon.

    Flaps for large treatment zones

    As flexible as the requirements – particularly in treatment of hyperopia and mixed astigmatism, the highly flexible SCHWIND ATOS can be used to create flaps of various diameters, including large flaps and large treatment zones.

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    Our clinic is built on the solid foundation brought to us by the expertise and experience of Dr. Safwan Al Bayati who has been a practicing eye specialist since the year 1998 and has a world of experience in eye care.

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    Dr. Safa Al Ali

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    Dr. Jakob Bennike

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