Smart Super Vision Laser

Lasik eye surgery Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment uses PRK technology, Unlike traditional Lasik procedures, which is bladeless and flapless. This non-invasive treatment is completely painless. ensures clearer vision right from the completion of the procedure. Dr. Safwan Al Bayati is an Expert in Refractive Surgery.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your glasses and lenses? Enjoy 20/20 vision right away and see the world around you with clarity .Eye checkups are a crucial factor in maintaining eye health. Regular visits to the eye check-up can help diagnose diseases earlier.

Now don’t shy away from all the opportunities that comes your way. Achieve your dreams without worries and feel brand new with superior vision. Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment little to no down time for healing.

Smart Customized Super Vision Laser treatment for ULTRA LASIK / FEMTO LASK which gives vision better than the eye glass vision compared with the traditional Lasik eye surgery vision. Staring at this light helps you keep your eye fixed while the laser reshapes your cornea.

During LASK eye surgery, your surgeon makes an incision across the cornea of the eye using Micro keratome (ULTRA-LASIK) or Femtolaser assisted flap incision (FEMTO-LASIK), and raises the flap of tissue to reshape the cornea for correction of vision.

After reshaping the cornea, the surgeon lays the flap back into place. The flap usually heals without stitches. Laser is applied for less than one minute on each patient. Once the procedure is over, a temporary contact lens is placed in the eye, which acts as a bandage on the eye for improved comfort.

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